Ok, but does this include....?  
Your subscription earns you you box of amazing products delivered once monthly that coincides with the level of your subscription and a membership in our members-only club. A once weekly subscription gets 4 times as many of your new favorite things than once monthly. A benefit of a membership in the Serena Del Alma Wellness Club includes the option to have a selection of herb, flower and edibles delivered to you separately.

When you say herb, flower + edibles, what does that mean?  
Depending on your subscription preference, our Local Healthcare Support Concierge will come to your home or business, on the schedule you define, with a selection of members-only items for you to choose from as part of your benefits plan. These services are only available in the following red or green states and you must have the appropriate licensing or identification to participate in The Serena Del Alma Wellness Club. We check IDs and licenses every time. Orders from States in gray will receive the box only with no additional services.

Serena Del Alma LHSC States
Do I pay for items I get from my LHSC?
Your Local Healthcare Support Concierge and the products offered when they visit are an exclusive member benefit. Many products range in their efficacy and strength and you can choose what is right for you. We do highly encourage a gratuity for your LHSC as a token of your respect for their knowledge and time. 

Is it still necessary to present this solution this way?  
Yes, while certain services are a fixture of daily life in many states and local areas, the internet is an open gateway to the world. When individuals from all facets of life and in any location can visit our site, we know that you will support our efforts to remain classy, exclusive and safe.

How can I help in those efforts?  

Please feel free to recommend our services to your friends in markets we support. Yet, please refrain from indicating we are a subscription service for regulated medical or recreational products. We offer life's best products delivered to you with an additional member benefit of an array of infused health and wellness solutions for marketing, branding and value added benefit to our members, promotional, and longterm partners. 

The best way to describe it would be: Serena Del Alma delivers awesome products every month that I get to try out as a member and I get a consultation with my LHSC as often as I need. I love that everything is included in one simple benefit plan.

How much do I get AND what if I want to roast and taste?
Local delivery offers products with a combined efficacy of 0 up to 250mg of active ingredients per delivery, so you may choose optimal strengths based on preference. When your LHSC arrives, you can explore several different options including pen or flower roasting supplies and edibles. We ask that you choose your primary preference so we can have ample inventory in advance. 

I'm still not sure.
We offer cancellation within the first 60 days. At the end of the day, we are serious about what we offer and we are chillers and dreamers too. We would never harsh your vibe.

What if I want vegan, pet-friendly, or other specific types of products?
We will get there soon. Recommend more of your friends that think the way you do and we will ensure you are supported, happy and lifelong members.

How can I speak to someone?
Feel free to book time to chat confidentially here.

Peace, love and bliss
Your brothers + sisters at Serena Del Alma